Society road it was

Society road it was

There used to be very large tree entering into our lane of Society Road, for some reason BMC guys cut it. Appeared like somebody killed it in the roots. Internal lanes and roundabouts are still pleasant to walk especially in the evenings in summers. A old kulfiwala will take rounds shouting “Kulfiaaya”. Its a quite old network of 5 X 3 narrow lanes with curvy corners with old tress of coconut, jaswandi, chafa, sadafuli, and some trees i don’t know names of (marathi or otherwise).

I start getting worried every time there is a old building getting into reconstruction. They either cut the trees around or build a tall gates and walls .. very explicit boundaries. The subtle nature of one is going .. this is how character transforms

Some really nice things
I recently saw flock of 30 odd 10 to 15 year cupids playing valentines day in broad daylight around corners under the trees. very cute in fact. But i have also started listening to fights and abuses as i take my rounds flushing through society road lanes. Also I don’t see friendly police wan that often, don’t really know if this is good or bad.

I watch F1 and racing sports a lot, believe me mesh of lanes at society road is heaven for cyclist for age of 3 to 10 🙂 only when someone takes care of illegal parking and potholes. Other day someone drove a black hyundai accent probably @60KmPh scaring every kid, dog, bird and
remaining people with
1. sweaters seating in R.K.Laxman pose
2. walking stick in hand
3. soda water glasses reading news under lampposts
4. small time but talented artists on the phone
5. teenagers with basketball and football

You can take a nice round walking for 20 mins inside maze of woven lanes. You feel nice. A good start in the morning or a humble conclusion of a day. One basic thing to this walkathon is/was clean, calm, and breezy graph of lanes



I sincerely hope our new neighbors agree with this idea, especially when they walk their dogs for pleasure poo rounds
I can’t comment on taste of music people cherish or any kind of musing for that sake, but loud music use to be rare incidents earlier. Frankly i never use to mind some of those much. Live bhaktigeet music programmes in early morning of diwali or one off annual music programmes organized by local corporater or the day when school use to have their annual function. But then that’s about it

Somehow i like the music and loudspeakers of election propoganda rallies happening for BMC elections this year

I like everything about elections
Agenda and Propogandas of every party
Debates and Trade offs
Blames and Credits
Hope .. That something might change .. even though its luck by chance

But, Hope is a problem. It somehow makes you think, that you need not do anything but hope. And that, takes me out of the equation.
Vote probably adds to probability to select the government, but i think its useless when it comes to change anything

But leave that, may be later
Back into the lanes of society road lives probably 110 year old culture, accommodating everyone from Istriwala, Bhajiwala, Harwala, Dhoodhwala and Wadapavwali to stock broker, banker or a failed musicians. I know quite a few families into their 3rd generation on Society Road

I get worried with my inability to stop society road becoming a memory. May be there is a flaw in democracy, if i believe voting is my only responsibility to Society Road. With such model of democracy, I can change a jack sheet if candidate i vote wins

But in my free time, i like elections, i like to hope, i will vote if i have free time.

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